The Sandy Springs City Council adopted the City Center Master Plan on December 18, 2012. In January, 2013, the City Council approved plans for Phase I Implementation.

The Implementation Plan is intended to provide a strategy and roadmap to steer redevelopment in the City and accomplish the goals set forth in the adopted City Center Master Plan.

Master Plan Goals

  • Create a unique, vibrant, walkable City Center rich in amenities desired by the community, such as commercial retail, recreational and cultural facilities.
  • Catalyze significant market-driven private investment in walkable, mixed-use redevelopment that introduces substantial new dining, amenity retail, and entertainment options. This will both achieve City Center development goals and strengthen the district’s ability to support Sandy Springs’ fiscal goals.
  • Create an appropriate setting for a new civic/cultural center than functions as a place of community activity and identity.
  • Create a comprehensive infrastructure to support City Center, which would include: walkable streets, stormwater, traffic flow, transit services, bicycling facilities, parking, utilities and signage.
  • Introduce a green space network that accommodates a variety of activities, draws activity from new development, and ties together city Center, Sandy Springs’ established neighborhoods and existing open spaces.