Transportation Infrastructure the Topic of Conversation at Community Meeting

The Sandy Springs City Center Master Plan community meeting held yesterday evening, focused on transportation infrastructure. The event kicked-off with a presentation given by Ben Carlson of Goody Clancy.

After the presentation, community-members broke off into three discussion areas: The first area was dedicated to road development in the City Center, the second area was dedicated to proposed cycling and walkability initiatives, while the third area was dedicated to property usage and zoning.

Discussions were lively as community-members voiced their views on how to best develop different sections of the City Center. A popular topic of conversation was an area of green-space proposed at the site of the former Target property, which is currently owned by the City.

Community Members Help Define Character of Downtown Development through Visual Preference Survey

With a series of broad concepts in place for the Sandy Springs City Center Master Plan, Goody Clancy once again sought the assistance of the Sandy Springs community to help define what the look and character of private development in the Downtown area should be. During a public meeting held last week, community-members took part in a Visual Preference Survey, in which they rated over 100 images of retail, business and residential properties. Once the survey was completed, the participants broke into nine smaller groups and discussed each of the images in detail. The information gathered during the meeting will be used by Goody Clancy in the development of ordinance recommendations for City. Through ordinances, the City will be able to ensure that private developments fit within the scope of the Master Plan.

If you missed the October 4 Visual Preference Survey, you can take part online.

Sandy Springs Community Members take First Look at Draft Master Plan Concepts

Members of the Sandy Springs community had the opportunity to discover Goody Clancy’s concepts for the future of the City’s downtown area yesterday, during a public meeting at City Hall. Community members were initially introduced to the development concepts in a series of presentations given by Goody Clancy’s Ben Carlson. Later, they had the opportunity to discuss and comment on the firm’s work in an open house format.

Community members gathered around a series of information boards that explained each development concept, and Post-It notes were stuck to the boards to record the member’s feedback. Goody Clancy will consider this feedback as they continue their work on developing the Sandy Springs City Center Master Plan.

Open House Format Workshop Furthers Public Involvement in the Planning Process

Taking place from 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m., today’s open house format workshop offered an opportunity for residents and business owners to engage in one-on-one discussions with Goody Clancy Team members. Some participants attended mini-presentations on direction of the master planning process, while others joined Goody Clancy Team members and contributed their ideas as they collaborated on individual aspects of the master plan.

The remarkable talent of the Sandy Springs community shined brightly as community members helped to shape a vision for the downtown area. Architects contributed design concepts for City Hall, planners contributed ideas for how the City Center streets could be reconfigured and a representative from a commercial real estate information company, contributed property ownership information to help Goody Clancy identify development partners.

The Planning Process Continues with Public Participation

This morning’s City Center Development workshop had a strong attendance from residents and business owners who were keen to contribute to the planning process.

Goody Clancy split the participants into four discussion groups to brainstorm topics such as housing, parks, community destinations, transportation and streetscapes. Using a variety of materials, the participants constructed their visions on satellite maps of the downtown area.

Throughout the June workshops, Goody Clancy is surveying workshop participants using visual idea boards. Each board has a number of urban development features pictured, and participants are encouraged to show their like or dislike of the features by sticking green and red dots on the boards.

If you missed the morning workshop, the same content will be covered in the evening session.

June Public Workshop Series Begins

The Goody Clancy team presented their research to Sandy Springs residents and businesses this evening, at an event which kicks-off a series of public workshops to take place Tuesday and Wednesday. The workshops, which are located at the Mt. Vernon Presbyterian School (map), offer the Sandy Springs community an opportunity to contribute to the master plan for the redevelopment of the City Center district, as well as see the work done so far by Goody Clancy.

Presentation documents from this evening’s meeting will be made available on this website in the next few days. The event was covered by the Sandy Springs Patch and the Sandy Springs Reporter.

We hope you will be able to take part in the upcoming workshops.

Holy Innocents’ 4th-Graders Share their Ideas with City Council

Students from Sandy Springs Holy Innocents’ School presented their plans for the old Target Property and City Center development to City officials yesterday.

“The city of Sandy Springs is a beautiful place to live, but right now there is no landmark to know us by,” said student Freddie Reams. He went on to explain his vision for a monument surrounded by green space.

The City received design proposals from over 60 children. The documents are being given to Goody Clancy to review and consider as the City Center Master Plan develops.

The presentation was covered by local press including the Sandy Springs Patch, the Sandy Springs Reporter and 11alive.

Residents and Businesses Attend Community Meetings

Sandy Springs Residents and businesses took the opportunity to meet with Goody Clancy today and express their ideas and opinions about the redevelopment of our City Center  and the forthcoming Master Plan. Each of the two sessions began with a presentation given by Goody Clancy, and then the participants broke into individual discussion groups to brainstorm and answer a set of discussion questions that were presented to them. Finally the groups summarized their discussions for Goody Clancy.

It’s not too late to take part. You can contribute your thoughts by answering the discussion questions online.

Stakeholders Meet with Goody Clancy

For the last three days, Goody Clancy has been conducting a series of stakeholder meetings regarding the development of the City Center Master Plan. Business, civic groups and City Council members met with representatives from the Boston based planning firm to discuss the priorities they would like to be considered.